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imag 0.10.1
Feb 29, 2020
One minute read

v0.10.1 is a bugfix release. From the changelog:

  • 343a409df Fix: Date in documentation
  • 63e239926 Fix: Drop habit before getting instances
  • 60298dd04 Fix: Make “list” default command of imag-tag
  • ec030b503 Fix: Remove Box::leak() call in runtime application abstraction
  • fa6c61b6a Update copyright years to 2015-2020
  • fd16ed467 Fix: Clap argument name
  • a5335e977 Fix: Do not assume a mail file to be valid UTF8
  • 40ba93908 Fix: Set isflag when creating a mail in the store
  • e94eece31 Fix: Subcommand is named “deleted”
  • ef9cb6d4e Fix: Allow “mark” subcommand to be passed IDs directly on CLI
  • b729a49dd Fix: Also write newlines
  • 939f2f1eb Update versions: 0.10.0 -> 0.10.1
  • 8effeeecf Add Cargo.lock (Cargo.lock was added as it was requested multiple times, but it will not land on master. See commit message for more details.)
  • f2c478a13 Fix: Disable cargo-deny (cargo-deny itself failed to build, so we disabled it on CI)

All these changes are picked from master and thus, building from the current master will include these changes as well.

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