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libical v0.1.0
Dec 13, 2019
2 minutes read

I’m happy to announce the availability of “libical” version 0.1.0.

libical is a library for parsing and generating icalendar data objects (.ical files). It is used by the GNOME and the KDE communities in their codebases, for example in the codebase of the GNOME calendar implementation, the akonadi framework and other known software.

With the availability of the libical crate, which relies on the code from the libical-sys crate, the rust ecosystem now has a high-level binding library for the icalendar data format.

The library was extracted from the khaleesi project, a commandline calendar implementation that is inspired by the famous khal project.

Current status and way forward

This release marks the first stepping-stone. The code was extracted, but not refactored or cleaned up. The tests run, but the code has not been run in a real-world application (by me, fwiw).

You are all welcome to contribute on this codebase to refactor it, clean it up and help me making this the go-to crate for handing icalendar data in Rust.


All credit goes to the original authors of the code, Vincent Breitmoser and puzzlewolf (not sure whether they want to be introduced by their real name).

I just extracted the code from the original codebase, cleaned up the repository a bit and set up the travis jobs, but I am planning to refactor this code to get the best usability out of it.

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