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What's coming up in imag (40)
Jul 24, 2019
2 minutes read

This is the 40th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

Long time no update. In fact, the last update was in may, which is now over two months ago.

Although, not that much happened. Lets have a look.

What happenend?

All in all, a few interesting things have happened. Most notably is the big rewrite of libimagentrylink, but lets see the full list:

  • fcdded90 Rustc was updated to 1.33.0
  • ed457495 Leon refactored the IdPathProvider so that it propagates errors upwards to the actual implementation of the command.
  • b1330c99 toml dependencies were updated
  • c27fec14 Logging aggregation was rewritten to remove boilerplate code
  • a2433f31 libimagentryview now propagates IO errors
  • f21b6e53 libimagentrylink was splitted into libimagentrylink for internal linking and libimagentryurl for linking with URIs
  • fd59d6d3 The interface for libimagentrylink was redesigned
  • 56f8aecd libimagentrylink annotation support was removed
  • 0eac6d99 libimagentrylink got support for directional linking
  • 34d5a3d6 imag-log got an option to ignore newlines
  • 57039654 libimagentrytag was refactored
  • 82c2beaf imag-habit got a “done” marker in its output
  • a9bde370 imag-log got a bugfix to sort the output by path, not by StoreId
  • 6b8c236b libimaghabit was changed to not copy the comment of the habit template to the instance
  • 2185d440 Dependencies were updated
  • ba77f5e8 CLI validators for date and datetime were added
  • d53e3064 imag-diagnostics got more output
  • 03fec5f4 imag-diary got a fix to not list diaries twice when piping its output

Minor patches were not listed here.

What will happen

Well, there are at least some plans. Leon wants to work on CLI completion support and therefore is in the process of refactoring all binary crates (for more information see the mailinglist). We are also discussing about how to rewrite libimagtodo and I actually started to write some code for this. I also want to change a few details in the habit library, but I am not sure how to approach them yet. Most notably is the recurring implementation which is working but I am not satisfied yet. I also am thinking about moving the imag documentation from pandoc to something we can host on the website easily or maybe even build with CI. We do not do that with travis right now because building it with pandoc is just too much overhead.

Maybe it is time to move the documentation to imag-wiki and use that for writing notes on imag.

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