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What's coming up in imag (38)
Nov 4, 2018
2 minutes read

This is the 38th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

This update on what’s happening in the imag project is probably the last one for this year, as I’m back traveling (see this post) from mid November until mid February 2019.

Nevertheless, there are some things that have to be highlighted and I really don’t want to wait until February to show off:

What happenend?

In this cycle, a lot of small patches were merged. Minor inconveniences were fixed, like updated “about texts”, convenience functions (like StoreId::local_display_string()) were added, dependencies were updated, scripting helpers were updated and deprecated/unused ones removed and more CLI validators were added to the utility crates.

Notable is that the --debug flag passing was broken and was fixed with 22c13fed and e39bd7fc.

  • a749d97a16 - we got the “failure for error management”-patches merged! I’m so happy about this and especially because everything seems to work as planned, the error traces I’m getting are way better than before and I’m all happy.

Still in progress, but nevertheless really nice and almost done actually: Redefining the IO Story in imag! Yes, we’re almost done here. As soon as this patchset is merged, commands like imag ids | grep michael | imag view are possible and supported. That is because the imag IO system figures out whether stdin/stdout are pipes and acts accordingly (printing the “touched” store ids into the output stream or reading them from the input stream to act on them).

What will happen

We will continue our work on the runtime IO system and port all remaining crates over to use the new interfaces. After that, I hope we can continue and finalize the new utility command imag-entry, which only lacks some content utilities. I’m not sure what to include actually. Possible commands for editing content (which would duplicate imag-edit), grepping through content (which would duplicate imag-grep) and a cat command (which would duplicate imag-view).

After that, nothing stops us from releasing imag version 0.9.0!

And then, we will start working on imag 0.10.0, which really should be a “commands release”. imag-mail and imag-calendar, both “in progress” for months now, should be in imag 0.10.0. Unfortunately, we need the redesigned libimagentryref for this, which therefore needs to be included in 0.10.0 as well.

Lets hope that I have enough time to think about how to design them during my journey through north america.

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