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Off of github!
Jun 10, 2018
3 minutes read

Microsoft aquired Github. I’m not here to judge on the decision of the github leadership to let Microsoft buy Github. As a result, though, the imag project will move away from github. Also, all other Rust projects that were initialized because of a requirement of imag, will be moved to the imag project site as well. That is: task-hookrs, filters, is-match, kairos and toml-query. So the following applies to those as well.


As I’m on a sabatical right now, I cannot do this now. But as soon as I’m home and have the appropriate amount of time, I will be moving to my own infrastructure with everything (that is: code, issues and PR discussions and CI).

Issues and other metadata

Issues and PR metadata from the github repository/repositories are be backed up. We did not decide yet whether we will import them into another tool like gitea or phabricator or even git-dit (which would be the top-prio for me, personally).

As not everyone would want to use git-dit for submitting issues, the mailinglist would be the way to go and I would maintain the git-dit repository on my own then. This is not that much of an issue for me. If the volume increases, others could add issues to dedicated issue tracker repositories on the gitolite instance we run and I can merge them (that’s the whole point of git-dit). An email-dit-bridge does not exist yet.

How we will go on

What we (I) did decide: We will continue development on the mailinglist. Yes, this increases the hurdle for contributions quite a bit. But it is the cheapest and easiest way for the project.

How to send patches

Patches should be filed via git format-patch and git send-email. If someone wants to dive in deeper then a patch every now and then, they can get a gitolite repository for the repository they are contributing to and are welcome to send git request-pull emails for branches.

What about CI

We have no CI for the project without github. This is the one critical point where we do not have a solution yet. What I am thinking of right now: I will rent a server (I want to do that as soon as I’m home anyways), and we’ll have build jobs for patches with it - or only for pushed branches… I don’t know how it will be.


We will, though, have the repositories mirrored on github. We could also use the travis-CI via github, but the main development will not happen on github anymore. That means that filing issues via github will not be possible anymore and pull requests filed via github will be closed (there’s a bot that helps with that) with a message that a git request-pull message should be sent to the imag mailinglist (for the imag project but also for the other projects).

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