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imag 0.8.0
May 9, 2018
3 minutes read

That release was a bit fast after the 0.7.0 release, but I wanted to get out another release before my departure.

I already anounced it in the last “What’s coming up in imag” (36) blog post - I will be on a sabatical from May 2018 until early 2019. I won’t be able to develop imag during that time, unfortunately.

This does not mean that the imag project is “dead”. I will continue developing it and will most certainly continue developing it when I’m back.

But what it does mean is that developing will slow down significantly. I don’t know how much I will be able to hack on it or whether I will have access to the internet (or whether I will have time, as I will hopefully go hiking a lot). And there won’t be any releases until early 2019, as I simply do not have the computing power to do a full release (my ThinkPad takes simply too long to compile the complete codebase). I will be mostly “off the grid” and may respond slowly to issues and pull requests.

What’s in there

  • 197 commits
  • 45 merge-commits / 152 non-merge commits
  • 202 files changed
  • 4294 insertions(+), 2850 deletions(-)

Some more statistics about the codebase (thank you, tokei), because why not:

 Language            Files        Lines         Code     Comments       Blanks
 BASH                    7          126           78           16           32
 CSS                     1           27           24            0            3
 Makefile                1          161           97           29           35
 Markdown               99         4038         4038            0            0
 Nix                     2           98           77            0           21
 Rust                  283        34155        22239         6656         5260
 Shell                  14          604          349          150          105
 TOML                   60         3085         2064          417          604
 Total                 467        42294        28966         7268         6060

What changed

In the following sections I will explain what changed for users. For a complete list of changes (also library-wise), have a look at the CHANGELOG file in the repository.

The changelog format has changed a bit, as we switched to use git-notes for changelog recording after the 0.7.0 release. So the changelog is more verbose now.

New tools

  • imag-git, a lightweight wrapper for calling git in the ~/.imag directory or in the ~/.imag/store directory.
  • imag-category was added, for adding a category to entries (and linking to the category-representing entry automatically).

New features

  • imag-diary is now able to list existing diaries
  • imag-view can now wrap lines
  • imag-view can format markdown nicely for the terminal now
  • libimagcontact is not based on libimagentryref anymore, which gives us way more flexibility for contact handling. This does mean that the format how contacts are stored has now changed and imag-contact is not backwards compatible to the 0.7.0 version!
  • imag-view is now able to seperate multiple entries via a custom seperator line
  • libimagcontact and imag-contact handle email properties now, which is useful for passing contact data to external tools such as mutt.
  • libimagentrygps and imag-gps work with 64bit values now.
  • imag-diary git the edit command removed - use imag-edit instead.
  • imag-ids got a filter functionality with a custom filter language. This language may change in the future, it’s a proof of concept right now and may be the step-stone for a more general and elaborate filter functionality/language.

What’s coming

The 0.9.0 milestone already exists and there are a lot of things already added to it.

As expressed before, I will be on a sabatical from May 2018 until early 2019 and thus the development speed of imag will decrease significantly during that time.

I hope you stay tuned until 2019. I hope I can maintain the repository from wherever I may be during that time. As there are only a few contributions by now - and I don’t expect that number to increase that dramatically - I hope for the best.

Have a nice summer, you all! Maybe we see eachother on Portland Rust Conf in August (if I can make it)!

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