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imag 0.7.0
Apr 18, 2018
3 minutes read

In my previous release notes I had a disclaimer at the very top of the article, that this is not producion-ready software. With this release, I’m changing this. I’m using imag semi-actively on my own machines for a few weeks now (finally, after almost 3 years of development), and I must say: It works so far.

I do not use it without backup, though: My ~/.imag is versioned with git (also to be able to sync it to other devices). If you want to try out imag, feel free to do so. Keep an active eye on the issue tracker, though, as there are bugs in the codebase. I will try to close them as fast as I can, but not all of them are simple.

But lets go on with the release notes…

What’s in there

A bit more than two months after version 0.6.0 I’m not proud to announce the 0.7.0 release of the imag software distribution. The changelog is larger than ever before (more on that later). Lets have a look what is in there:

  • 432 commits
  • 110 merge-commits / 322 non-merge commits
  • 3 contributors:
    • Dylan DPC
    • Mario Krehl
    • Matthias Beyer
  • 277 files changed
  • 6227 insertions(+), 4051 deletions(-)

Some more statistics about the codebase (thank you, tokei), because why not:

 Language            Files        Lines         Code     Comments       Blanks
 BASH                    6          118           81            8           29
 CSS                     1           27           24            0            3
 Makefile                1          161           97           29           35
 Markdown               96         3541         3541            0            0
 Nix                     2           98           77            0           21
 Rust                  279        33326        21475         6666         5185
 Shell                  12          420          248           87           85
 TOML                   58         2972         1983          409          580
 Total                 455        40663        27526         7199         5938

What changed

In the following sections I will explain what changed for users. For a complete list of changes (also library-wise), have a look at the CHANGELOG file in the repository or the changelog section below.

New tools

  • imag ids replaces imag store ids.
  • imag wiki was added.

New features

  • When building imag, bash/fish/zsh completion is generated. It can be found in the target directory after imag is being build.
  • imag contact got a find command.
  • imag contact find and imag contact list can print output in JSON now.
  • imag edit can read store ids from stdin now.
  • imag habit today --done and imag habit status --done was added.
  • imag help was added for consistency.
  • imag log show was aliased to img log list.
  • imag-* --version shows git describe output to tell which commit it was. compiled from (only in debug builds)
  • imag diary supports “daily” entries.
  • imag conrtact joins multi-value fields with “, “.
  • imag tag CLI was rewritten.
  • imag contact find understands --format now.
  • imag view can view multiple entries now.
  • imag view can read store ids from stdin now.

What’s coming

The 0.8.0 milestone already exists and there are a lot of things already added to it.

When will I be there? The next version will be there if its ready. Honestly I don’t know. Not only because of the big journey which is coming up in my life, but also because we have a lot of things to tackle and this is growing to be a really huge project, especially for a one-man-show, which it almost is, still.


Finally, here again the changelog. You can also find it in the repository.

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