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What's coming up in imag (35)
Apr 8, 2018
3 minutes read

This is the 35th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

What happenend?

In the last few weeks, we had great progress. Here are the most important changes:

  • d3b38b5a introduced “pipe magic” - this prepares libimagrt to be able to pipe the imag store from one imag command (or external command) to the next one.
  • b374f21d changed imag-contact to list emails comma seperated.
  • 6ec50970 added the find command to imag-contact.
  • 5609651f added functionality so that imag-contact can output the contact data in JSON. This is helpful when invoking imag-contact from an external program (like mutt) and reading the output into that program.
  • dfb706b3 changed imag-edit to be able to receive store ids on stdin. This makes imag ids | fzf | imag edit -I possible.
  • ee72e61b rewrote the CLI of imag-tag.
  • c5154e83 changed libimagrt so that the rt.editor setting was considered for building the editor command.
  • 1d3994d1 changed imag ids to not print the full filepath by default.
  • cc9c746c removed a great deal of outdated documentation.
  • 58f50ac2 changed imag-habit so that already done habits can be shown.
  • c39a1f82 changed libimagstore::store::Store::create() so that it fails if the entry already exists. This was not done before (which was a bug) so that create was the same as retrieve.
  • fd91662e fixed imag-init to create the store directory as well.
  • 96b6beff added header edit support in imag-edit and libimagentryedit.
  • 7907ed96 changed imag-link so that it uses an ascii table for output by default.
  • ec2f87af fixed libimagrt to pass /dev/tty to the editor command, so that vim does not trash the terminal.
  • 8492f149 added a feature in libimagrt to handle unknown subcommands. With this, a user is able to write an executable imag-store-dosomething which gets automatically invoked by imag-store if the dosomething subcommand does not exists.
  • 1d5171d7 added support for viewing multiple entries with one invocation of the command in imag-view.
  • a14ab7b6 added support in imag-contact find for printing the store id / file path instead of showing the contact.
  • 2f47bece added support for reading the store ids for the entries to view from stdin in imag-view.

What will happen

I had a glance at the changelog file in the repository before writing this post and I found, that the changelog is huge already. Because of that I will release imag 0.7.0 early, and without the “wiki”, “calendar” and “flashcard” module I initially planned for this release.

I think I won’t be able to get imag-calendar ready until May (my journey starts in May and I won’t be able to work on imag very much from May until early 2019, sadly). Thus, I rather release 0.7.0 early and without imag-calendar rather than not at all.

Maybe I get imag-wiki ready until May, which would be really cool and result in imag 0.8.0, but I’m not sure I will make it.

So… be prepared for the next imag release in the next few days!

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