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imag 0.6.2
Mar 3, 2018
One minute read

imag 0.6.2 is a bugfix release. From the changelog:

  • imag-diary did not recognize the “-d DIARY” setting.
  • A parsing error in libimagstore, which caused the parsing of entries with a line “—” in the content part to fail, was fixed.
  • The bugfix above introduced another bug which caused entries to be rewritten in one line when accessing them. This was fixed.
  • imag-diary did not properly set “minute” and “second” when creating “hourly” or “minutely” entries.
  • Version numbers for all crates as well as in the docs were updated to “0.6.2”.

Of course, all those patches are already in master.

I thought imag 0.6.1 would be the last bug-fix release in the 0.6.x series, but it appears that there are other bugs which needed a backport. Unfortunately, some bugs were found in libimagstore, hence all crates in the imag project were published as 0.6.2.

I will continue to back-port bug fixes until 0.7.0 is out the door.

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