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What's coming up in imag (33)
Feb 7, 2018
3 minutes read

This is the 33th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

What happenend?

The last few weeks were rather eventful. After I finished implementing all the things we wanted in 0.6.0, I was certain that the release would happen before this blogpost. Then, I played around with some imag tools and found a number of bugs which really should be fixed before the 0.6.0 release. I thought that this week, there won’t be a release. But then I did a one-night-sprint and fixed almost all of the bugs I found.

Still, no release just yet, as one bug is not fixed yet. But we are really close.

The list of merges:

  • ab788053 renamed Store::retrieve_copy() to Store::get_copy() which describes better what the function actually does.
  • 7cf60d5b fixed libimagbookmark which wrapped the FileLockEntry type, which is considered bad.
  • 4d00554d added libimagentryutil - a utility library for utility Entry extensions
  • 7fdc7123 added imag-edit
  • ffe97cd7 removed the dependency version, which is GPL licensed and we should not link to GPLed code.
  • 2b0dfec4 adds a default command for imag-timetrack (“list” is now called if no subcommand is passed)
  • d5569cea changed imag-timetrack to use a table when listing timetrackings
  • 3735fbac updated the codebase to log in version 0.4
  • 20f9c99c added a feature in imag-timetrack so “stop” can be called without specifying any tags to stop all running tags
  • 4c9add9d improved the libimagstore::iter Iterator utilities so we can call Store::entries()?.into_get_iter() without needing to pass a reference to the Store in into_get_iter(). A nice improvements on the ergonomics of the iterators.
  • 1d4015dc changed the semantics of imag-view, so the -C param now does the opposite: content is shown by default and -C hides it.
  • 3a54fc22 added second-granularity support in imag-diary.
  • 1b588172 fixed a bug in libimagnotes where the name of a note was not set in the header when creating the note.
  • da748962 fixed a bug in imag-log which listed normal diary entries, not only logs.
  • 864e457d fixed a bug in imag-log which added a trailing space before the logged line.
  • c7e18420 improved imag-mv to automatically fix links to the moved entry.
  • 73c1dbbb updated the dates in the license headers of all files (and added a missing license header in one file)
  • 4d026131 rewrote some statements in the documentation which were wrong (thanks to novoid for reporting this).

What will happen

We have one issue left to fix and then the 0.6.0 release will happen.

After that, the 0.7.0 release will be tackled. Some changes are already implemented and are ready to be merged.

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