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What's coming up in imag (32)
Jan 8, 2018
3 minutes read

This is the 32th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

What happenend?

imag 0.5.0 happened!

Unfortunately, I did not do anything in the imag codebase during 34c3. But I had great conversations and a wonderful time there, so no harm done, right?

Lets have a look what happened in the last four weeks before and after the release.

Before v0.5.0

(Some not-so-important merges are not listed)

After v0.5.0

  • 1ca47227a9c2 merged some changes which were made for the v0.5.0 release
  • 986dbad2fdf7 removed config stuff from libimagstore which was unused anyways.
  • 3e972bc2641a refactored some code in libimagstore to use toml-query rather than destructuring toml::Value objects.
  • 774933ae4a75 improved the iterator support in libimagstore. They are now generic and can be used on all iterators over StoreId rather than only StoreIdIterator.
  • 0c9c9e26c170 added libimaglog which is an extension of libimagdiary and can be used as a tumbleblog or journal.
  • 4ceca39426c0 added a roadmap (by rewriting the todo file).
  • b60b5c89818e added imag-log, the CLI for libimaglog.
  • 5aeaacc31705 added imag-init, a helper tool for initializing the ~/.imag directory.
  • 2095e34c9d14 added some git hook scripts which can be used by developers.
  • 2c0f35e1a44e libimagdiary supports second granularity of entries now.

What will happen

I am currently playing with artifact, a tool for project planning. I added a ton of things to the imag codebase for working with artifact (almost 4kloc by now). I’m not sure whether that is a nice thing to have, but so far I love artifact and how it helps me getting a nice overview what should be done and to organize my thoughts about the project and way to go. I plan on merging the artifact data into master, but not before there is a new stable release of artifact. I am currently using the beta which has some bugs but changed the format from toml to markdown (which I want to have before merging the data into master).

artifact is a nice step towards a githubless workflow in the imag codebase and I like that. Another thing what we would love to have is a web-frontend for git-dit, which I’m thinking about more and more. Maybe I’ll develop one (view only) after my masters thesis is finished.

Besides that I’m still waiting for env-logger 0.5.0 so I can finalize the log update (0.3.* to 0.4.* and env-logger from 0.4 to 0.5).

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