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What's coming up in imag (31)
Dec 9, 2017
2 minutes read

This is the 31th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

imag is a personal information management suite for the commandline. Its target audience are commandline- and power-users. It does not reimplement personal information management (PIM) aspects, but re-uses existing tools and standards to be an addition to an existing workflow, so one does not have to learn a new tool before beeing productive again. Some simple PIM aspects are implemented as imag modules, though. It gives the user the power to connect data from different existing tools and add meta-information to these connections, so one can do data-mining on PIM data.

What happenend?

It is funny how I announced that we might end up with imag 0.5.0 released before christmas and almost instantly, the progress slowed down.

Unfortunately, we only had 7 merges since the last blog article (as of 3fa2995c5f):

  • 6efd0a94 merged the initial version of libimagcontact. We can do basic contact management now!
  • b2377c3b merged the imag-contact commandline frontend for libimagcontact. Yay!
  • 0e04e8f2 fixed the build infrastructure to build imag with all features. We did not do this before. Oops.
  • 72710323 updated the rustc versions used in the travis-ci jobs
  • b1cf058d changed the libimagentrylist table backend to print the index, if configured.
  • 65620d6a removed an accidentially slipped-in println!() in libimagstore.
  • 3fa2995c merged a fix so libimagentrylist does not print a table if there are no entries in it

What will happen

Right now there are only a few things open in the milestone. imag-habit will be a thing in 0.5.0 - that’s the last big step before we release the next version of imag - I can assure you I’m working on it and I also make progress. After that, I will tackle the 0.6.0 milestone of course, which will be another big step forward.

If we continue developing at the current speed, imag 0.5.0 will happen before Christmas (hopefully).

Because I will be at the 34c3 after Christmas, there will be plenty of time to do some experimental things in the imag codebase at this time. After that, though, I have to focus on my exams…

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