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What's coming up in imag (27)
Jul 15, 2017
3 minutes read

This is the 27th iteration on what happened in the last four weeks in the imag project, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

imag is a personal information management suite for the commandline. Its target audience are commandline- and power-users. It does not reimplement personal information management (PIM) aspects, but re-uses existing tools and standards to be an addition to an existing workflow, so one does not have to learn a new tool before beeing productive again. Some simple PIM aspects are implemented as imag modules, though. It gives the user the power to connect data from different existing tools and add meta-information to these connections, so one can do data-mining on PIM data.

What happenend?

We had a lot of PRs merged in the last month, so I won’t list the minor ones but only the important ones.

  • #970 made the filesystem abstraction of the store public to the user of the libimagstore library, so we can use an in-memory filesystem representation for testing.
  • #972 introduced the IO-backend for the store, which makes command chaining possible.
  • #922 adds Store::all_entries().
  • #975 implemented runtime-backend-changing. This means that the backend of the store can be replaced mid-runtime from (for example) a on-filesystem backend to a io-backend (usefull if one wants to read from the FS and write to stdout, for example).
  • #976 implemented the imag store dump command, which is the first command to use the store-backend-replace functionality.
  • #943 introduced libimagentrycategory.
  • #966 introduced libimagtimetrack.
  • #988 fixed a bug in imag-link.
  • #989 fixed a critical bug in the store implementation which caused a file to be partially rewritten on save.
  • #991 implemented a commandline frontend for the link-consistency check of libimagentrylink. The check still reports false positives, as reported in #991.
  • #947 was implemented by irobert91 - I would like to thank you very much! This was a really great PR! It refactored the runtime- and configuration-code so the structures from libimagrt can be used in tests now. This means that one is able to implement tests for the commandline applications, which is great, as we can now slowly remove the bash scripts from the codebase!

What will happen

As I’m on vacation from next week until beginning of September, I don’t think there will be a blog post in the next four weeks. I assume I will write about imag again in October, but not August (since I’m without internet) and possibly not in September, if there is nothing to say.

The 0.3.0 release will happen in October, I’m confident about that. We have only one point left to tackle and I want to do this in the next few days (and I actually have time for that)!

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